ui over ux

Taking The Step From UI To UX

Terms such as user experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are commonly used and are now in uber-focus while discussing web or mobile application development. In fact, many use these two terms interchangeably. Some others…
zeroing in on the ops

Zeroing In On The Ops In DevOps

DevOps is in danger of becoming a buzzword and what often happens with buzzwords is that they get misinterpreted and misused. This blog is an attempt to add to the necessary and real conversation about…

The Rise of DevSecOps In Enterprise Products

The enterprise landscape is ripe for yet another disruption. Well, this disruption was long coming but now as COVID-19 upends the world of work, this disruption has to come sooner than later. Security is what…

A Usability Testing Primer For Products In Today’s Age

“People ignore design that ignores people.” — Frank Chimero, Designer The importance of designing a user-centric user experience is indisputable. In today’s crowded product market, with users having thousands of options, you snooze, you lose.…

The new strategic concerns for Enterprise Product UX

User Experience has confirmed its importance as a contributor to product success – or failure. UX that had started as a discipline that belonged to Usability has now grown to accommodate far more than what…
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